USO and The Salvation Army

A United History of Service


From the About page of the USO’s website, you quickly learn that the United Services Organizations – USO – is focused on serving America’s service members.


As World War II loomed, President F.D. Roosevelt brought together the country’s leading service organizations to form the USO.   The Salvation Army was one of six members organizations tasked by the President to lift military moral and nurture support on the home front.


Last year, the USO celebrated their Diamond Anniversary to much-deserved fanfare.   Time Magazine, among others, took the opportunity to offer their tribute to the servants of those who serve.


Of course, The Salvation Army was initially selected because of its esteemed service to veterans, at home and in the trenches of war.  “Others” has always been the rallying cry of The Salvation Army.   Through the USO, “Others” found a focus of others in uniform; often partnering with the USO to provide the service to visitors of USO Clubs.


The USO has been an independent organization for many years, but our shared history of service to our men and women in uniform has forever entangled our path.   Happy 76th Anniversary, USO; we salute you!

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