OK Day!

“How are you doing?”

“OK, how ‘bout you?”

“Doing OK too.”


Today is OK Day; or O.K. Day, or even Okay Day, if you prefer.  OK is popular shorthand for host of meanings depending on context and tone.   It can mean your meal is mediocre.   It can signify approval or even acceptance.   And as used above, it provides little more than a surface response to emotional or physical well-being.  Sometimes, the question even includes “OK.”  As in “Are you doing OK?”

March is also Social Workers Month, so we wanted to take this opportunity to appreciate the work of the professionals who look beyond the veneer of “OK” to help shed light and offer answers to deeper concerns.


If you ask those whom we serve, you’d likely get “OK” as a response.   Yet, many who come through our doors do so on the worst day of their lives.  They may be exhausted, embarrassed, abandoned, or abused.  They aren’t really OK.


Through training, dedication, and a compassionate heart, “OK” becomes a step toward hope.


Today as you celebrate “OK Day” we give you two thumbs-up and assure you, that thanks to support like yours, “OK” can be a life-saving affirmation for our neighbors in need.

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