National Corn Dog Day – March 18

Corndogs conjure up images of carnivals and fairs; they provoke fond memories and smiles.  Whether you’re a mustard person, ketchup person, or you eat them plain; corndogs equate with the happiness of youth.

Through a variety of character building programs conducted throughout the whole year, The Salvation Army pours into the lives of millions of children across the United States.    Weekly scouting-based programs for boys and girls, structured sporting activities, afterschool programming, summer day camps, to week-long summer residential camping experiences…just to name a few ways the lives of our young neighbors are served.  The Salvation Army understands that the youth are our future, but they are also among the most vulnerable.

The Salvation Army has a long, distinguished history of meeting human needs, including active work for the rights and welfare of our children.   From the gutters of 19th century London, to every zip code across 21st century America, to 127 countries around the world; The Salvation Army is fighting childhood hunger and poverty.

We know that a mind distracted by hunger can’t focus on personal development or even God’s love, so we regularly provide snacks and meals in our programs.   And on those lucky days, we might even serve corndogs; creating new happy memories for the next generation.

Thank you for your support; allowing us to meet the needs of neighbors – young and old alike.

Happy Corndog Day!

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