Elizabethtown, Kentucky Earns Corps Status

The culmination of more than 30 years of service, on May 7, 2017 the Kentucky/Tennessee Division welcomed its newest corps–Elizabethtown, Kentucky.

Based in its county seat of Elizabethtown, Hardin County has long been served through the work and mission of The Salvation Army.  An active and engaged Advisory Council worked hand-in-hand with Officers and employees carrying out the ministry.   The current Advisory (now) Board Chairperson, Leslie Hall, said at the opening dedication service, “This represents the work of a lot of volunteers and Salvation Army staff, and tells Elizabethtown and Hardin County we are here to stay.”

An encouraging mix of local youth and adults along with representatives from the Divisional Headquarters gathered in the chapel to celebrate this long awaited service.   On behalf of the Territorial Commander, Commissioner Don Bell, the Corps Flag was presented by Major Jim Arrowood, Divisional Commander for the Kentucky/Tennessee Division.   Sargent Lisa Heflin, along with the help and encouragement of her husband, Paul Heflin shared how honored they were to be the ones to see all the hard work come to fruition.

For the first message as a corps, Sgt Heflin chose the story of Abraham and Sarah to draw parallels between this faithful couple’s journey and that of The Salvation Army in Elizabethtown.   During the message, Sgt Heflin said, “We’ve only been here two-and-half years, but we follow after the work of more than three decades to see this day.”

“It was a morning full of praise, prayer, traditional Salvation Army music,” said Major Arrowood.  “But most of all, it was full of hope; hope for the future and those we are called to serve through the love and power of Jesus Christ.”   The beginner’s band even made their public debut with the very fitting, “God Is So Good.”

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Keeping its focus on the roots of this Army, the bass drum was present. During the service, it was put into service as the Divisional Commander played it.

Sgt Lisa Heflin gives the first message in the new Elizabethtown, Kentucky Corps.

Paul Heflin gives the Call to Worship and opening remarks.

Advisory Board Chair, Leslie Hall, provides the community response to the Corps Opening.

Front-Paul Heflin, Sgt Lisa Heflin, Major Linda Arrowood, Major Jim Arrowood; Flagbearers- Major Jim Taylor & Captain Carl Melton

Major Jim Arrowood, KT’s Divisional Commander, took time to share the importance of the flag, including the representation of its colors.

Sgt Haflin joined two of the three budding bandsmen as they played “God Is So Good.”

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